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8 things tо Κеер іn Mind whеn Planning healthy meal for kids

No оnе will argue thаt kids hаvе sоmе strong opinions, аnd іt оftеn sееms еsресіаllу sо wіth food. Prepare а culinary masterpiece аnd уоur child mау scoff thаt іt dоеsn’t hold а candle tо macaroni аnd cheese. Kids саn easily bе уоur harshest culinary critics. Тhеу dread mealtimes thаt аrе mоrе оf аn obligation thаn […]

Banana – One of the natural healthier fruit

Coming from the genus Musa, bananas come in different sizes and colors, with the yellow ones referred to as Cavendish enjoying the most popularity in terms of pop culture and recall. This fruit is the product of a herbaceous flowering plant and is said to have originated in Southeast Asia where it remains to be […]

What are the benefits of carrots?

No, you are not a Bugs Bunny but you should eat carrot!! So you thought that only rabbits and Looney Tunes bunnies should go crazy over carrots. If you only knew the many carrot benefits in store for you, then perhaps you would be more enthusiastic the next time you see that bright speck of orange […]

Why onions are common in everyday dishes?

Want to know why Onions are common in everyday dishes? Onions and garlics are mostly grouped together in supermarkets because they are actually cousins. Belonging to the same genus, Allium cepa is to onion as Allium sativum is to garlic. Onions are seldom eaten raw, even though it is not really uncommon for it to […]

Orange is a beneficial fruit! Know How?

Orange – A fruit rich in Vitamin C!! Now we are talking about that fruit so popular it has a color named after it. Known by the scientific name Citrus x sinensis, the common orange that we know of nowadays is said to be a cross breed between the pomelo and the mandarin, all of […]

Know the benefits of Apple

We all have heard – “An Apple a day keeps doctor away”, But how? You want an iPhone. We must admit that the mere mention of the word apple nowadays leads you to think of the company rather than the fruit. Whatever Steve Jobs had in mind when he came up with this name, he […]

Know Healthy Teenagers Diet!!

Once you become a teenager, you begin to start making your own choices about things in your life that are important to you. This can include choosing what to wear, deciding on which friends to spend your time with, and choosing which music to listen to. It is also important to make decisions which will […]

Newborns and Toddler Diet

Hello Moms! Know Newborns and Toddler Diet here!! Mothers that take care of newborns and toddlers need to understand that during these stages; a baby or a child needs all the important nutrients for optimum growth and to fight illness and infection. Newborns grow in lightning-fast speeds and once babies reach their toddler years, growth […]

Acidity problem? Know how to Treat Acidity Symptoms?

Acidity is a condition in which the acidified liquid in your stomach goes up towards the esophagus. Acidity symptoms include a sharp but temporary pain felt in the chest, and regurgitation, where the refluxed liquid appears in your mouth. Other more serious signs are nausea and ulcers, and if not treated right away, may even […]

What is a Diabetes Diet?

A diabetes diet is a healthy diet meant for people that are suffering from diabetes. It is very important for people that are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus to follow a strict diabetic diet to be able to control their blood sugar levels and to reduce complications. Diabetes is a chronic illness and the only way […]