A Feeding Mother Diet

Are you feeding your Baby? Don’t forget to take appropriate diet

The feeding mother diet is a balanced diet for mothers that are breastfeeding their babies. This is based on a healthy diet for mothers as well as a balanced diet that will help nurture her growing child. The feeding mother diet is also based on a premise that whatever the mother eats gets transferred to her feeding baby so this is a diet that does not include foods that she can eat but also foods that she cannot eat as well.

Technically, this diet must consist of foods that belong to the main food groups: carbohydrates, fats and proteins plus the daily vitamins and minerals that both the mother and child need.

Here are some tips for mothers that are looking for proper baby feeding techniques:

1. Eat Fish

There is no such thing as the perfect food that will suit a breastfeeding mom. But the closest food that can get mothers the nutrients that she and her baby needs is deep sea fish. One such fish is salmon. This fish contains DHA which is a kind of fat that is important in boosting your baby’s brain development. Actually, all breast milk contain DHA but in different amounts. Moms who eat salmon will greatly increase DHA levels which can be an important part of a healthy diet. The ideal amount of salmon to take each week is about an average of 12 oz. or about two servings.

2. Low Fat Products

Low fat dairy products just like cheese, milk and yoghurt contain amazing amounts of protein, B vitamins and vitamin D. You need these vitamins for better bone development and to improve brain function. Don’t forget that the best dairy must come from fresh sources and should be included in your baby feeding balanced diet.

3. Eat Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges are perfect foods for the feeding mother diet. Oranges are not just easy to carry with you anywhere but will also provide you with vitamin C that you need each day. Vitamin C boosts the mother and the child’s immunity to illness and will also help fight infections.

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3. Have Wheat And Grains

Whole wheat and grains are foods that breastfeeding mothers need to eat. These foods contain folic acid that will help improve your baby’s health and will also provide you with a rich source of iron and fiber. You can eat whole wheat bread, pastas and crackers for your daily folic acid supply.

4. Have Leafy Green Veggies

Breastfeeding mothers should never forget to eat their leafy green vegetables. Leafy greens are a good source of minerals as well as vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. These will boost you and your baby’s immunity and will provide a rich source of fiber that will improve your digestion. You must eat a healthy serving of green leafy veggies every meal to get the most nutrients and fiber.

5. Eat Organic Eggs

Organic eggs will also provide you with proteins and DHA. Eggs are also convenient to eat; from scrambled to hard-boiled eggs, you will certainly get all the health-giving nutrients to improve your health and your infant’s health as well.

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