Orange – A fruit rich in Vitamin C!!

Benefits of Orange

Now we are talking about that fruit so popular it has a color named after it. Known by the scientific name Citrus x sinensis, the common orange that we know of nowadays is said to be a cross breed between the pomelo and the mandarin, all of which belong to the citrus family popularly known for their rich Vitamin C content. What are the main health benefits of oranges?

The Nutritional Value of Oranges

What are the natural benefits of oranges? As we already know, the citrus family is rich in Vitamin C, the fact for which most people remember them. Aside from this, oranges are also known to contain, albeit with composition way lower than their Vitamin C content, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, calcium, and potassium. There are also traces of folate detected in its nutritional content. The phytonutrients that it contains are responsible for many of its health benefits.

Orange Benefits

You must be tired by now from the mere mention of Vitamin C, but you should not really be because this particular vitamin does a lot of wonder for your body, especially to your immune system. Eat an orange a day and you already have more than the necessary dose your body needs on a daily basis! Vitamin C is known to strengthen the immune system, which is responsible for fighting infections such as common colds. This is why most citrus fruits are recommended to be juiced and ingested when one is down with flu or whichever illness; because they boost your immune system so that it could effectively fight back. The high acidity of this fruit also allows it to be an effective weapon against inflammations. The rich antioxidant content also means less health risks and better blood circulation.


What Illness and Diseases Oranges Cure?

Because of its rather high acidity, oranges, in juice form are often suggested, along with other citrus fruits, to be ingested when one is suffering from kidney stones. While this does not necessarily make it a form of treatment, some studies have shown that regular intake could help in the prevention of such. Orange’s fiber content could also be exploited in relieving constipation. Gastric ulcers are also said to be kept at bay thanks to regular orange intake, which allows more Vitamin C in the blood.

Blood Circulation

Better Blood Circulation


Improves Digestion

Kidneys stone

Kidney Stone Prevention

Immune System

Strong Immune System

When to avoid Oranges?

Who should avoid oranges? The health risks involved in consuming too much orange are not that many, but too much citric acid, on the other hand, could indeed pose some problems such as stomach cramps or diarrhea. Too much orange juice, on the other hand, could have an adverse effect in the attempt to lower your blood sugar levels, causing it to spike instead. In any case, moderation in terms of intake is still the key to the maximization of health benefits that could be derived from the consumption of oranges. Oranges are definitely one of the options that you should have on your table as far as fruits are concerned.

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